Betty Bernstein | Weinviertel Tourismus

Creating an adventure world for a regional tourism company. Character design, creating a world arround the character, storytelling, illustrating puzzle books for children, posters, ads, flyers, table sets, display, even a fairytail book of over 50 pages incl. puzzles and historical information about the region and there partners – was a very nice project, wish to do more of those! Hope you like it;-)

Character Finding and sketching a few possible characters for the client.
Finding the character and drawing it in several fews and emotions.
Coloring the character in several moods.
Chainging clothes and defining color codes.
Developing Corporate Design materials as letterheads, logo and stamps.
Creating Infomaterial like folders, flyers, regional maps etc.
Branding of table sets for children restaurants.
Designing ads and posters for several promotions.
Branding regional partners and events with displays.
Even a sparkling wine for children was created ;-)
Developing an adventure book for children with over 50 pages containing historical stories, puzzles and drawing sections.
Childrens book presentation in the museum of natural history in Vienna.
A very nice project, enjoyed working on it. Hope you like it;-)
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